Thursday, February 3, 2011

Desi Version of International Reality shows!

Indian TV channels have time and again copied or bought rights to remake international reality shows with desi tadka. Be it the most successful (in terms of viewership) 'Kaun Banega Crorepati' or the current pathetic rip-off 'Maa Exchange'.

Recently all the shows coming up in this category have dis-appointed me off a lot. Reasons mostly are common to all of them. In this post i will talk about 'Zor Ka Jhakta' (ZKJ) & 'India's Minute To Win It' (MTWI).

First the quality of design and theme of the shows:
If you look & compare the floor clock in MTWI with the original show, you will be able to get my point. The minute floor clock in the original show is so awesome to see and gives such an amazing feel. In MTWI they even failed to copy. Woh kehte hai na 'Nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye'. Also the logo made of MTWI is far less appealing then the real deal. Now its turn for ZKJ! I mean who comes up with a name like this? Wipe out is such a fab name. ZKJ in my eyes just lost it from the time they kept this name for the show.

The hosts:
Guy Fieri is the man MTWI had to match up to, and what they give us? An un-enthu Gaurav Kapoor. They way Mr.Fieri says "You got a minute to win it, best luck" is so much lively. They connect he has with the audience and the contestant, i have not seen in MTWI. For ZKJ is even worst. The signature move that SRK does every time he ZKJ makes me puke. Its such a shady thing to do for a man of his class to do. Imagine the international version hosts doing it. Why can we match upto the standards of the shows abroad?

Celebrity fixation:
This i think is the question always running in my mind. Why are reality shows made in India are always around celebrities? Maybe they think that Indian audience wants to see only celebrities but i dis-agree. See Bachelor or Wipeout. I so want to see reality shows in India without any celebrity contestants.

Fair & Lovely presents India's Minute to win it. Everywhere possible the show has put the logo of sponsors visible. Same is the case with ZKJ and similar. But you never see the same in International versions. Maybe in India its always been about the money!

They are few like KBC who have actually manages to touch the level set by its international counter part.


A Friend!

A friend that really cares,

All my secrets i can share..

There when i need a hand,

There always to understand..

If i need u at all,

U r always there to stand tall..

Anything i say will be heard,

U listen word by word..

Even If I go fool,

U Always have taken it cool..

You are the one that cares,

And the one that's there!

I have written with a pen,

Don’t miss this..

If you are my friend,

Please answer this:

Are we friends or are we not?

You told us once, but I forgot..

So tell me now and tell me true,

So we can say, I are here for you..

Of all the friends i ever met,

You're the one i won't forget!