Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Important Life Lessons from my Niece..

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It seems like yesterday when my bhaiya and bhabhi were blessed with a wonderful baby girl who completed 10months recently. I have always been an anti-kid kinda guy but when you have your own Niece, there is no running any where. You have to get poop'ed on and pee'ed on with a big bright smile on your face.

I used to never ever pick up a kid with a fear that they will fall off, unless they had some wonderful food thing in their hand and/or funky gadget i wanted to check out. But this time there was no escape. I had to pick my Niece and make sure she didnt fall off. Thats like double the work for a amateur and took me back to table manners classes where the rule was 'Papad ko khana bhi hai aur aawaz bhi nahi honi chahiye'. Its impossible! But was i able to pull this off or not is not the point of this post. This post is to share with you all the important life lessons that my Niece taught me in this first 10 months. Some of them are as below:

1. When in doubt, cry. I can listen to Himesshh like for 10 hours nonstop but not a crying baby for even 10 secs. And my Niece has thrown open this weakness in front of the world. Want something and dont know how to ask, cry. Dont like something and dont know how to reject, cry. Want to get up but mummy says no, cry.

2. Stubborn-ness is a trait in humans by birth. No matter how many toys or chocolates you give her to clap her hands in front of the folks to show off that you taught this to her, she wont. She will only do that when/if she feels like. Similar case with when people come to see her, and her parents say, beta uncle ko Jai jai karo, she will give a WTH look to the uncle and turn away.

3. Nobody likes people who take things and dont return. There are times when I take some or the other toy of her to click and Instagram them to show off the #MainBhiPhotograher side of me cause you know kid toys are cute and cool these days. She will remember it. And if i dont return it soon, she will crawl all the way to my room and make sure she gets it back and puts it in her toy bag.

4. Silent Treatment's advantage is leant at an early age. There are times when she is upset over something which we dont understanding since she is 10 months and cant speak till now. Everyone in the house-hold will start acting like a wish-fulfilling genie to make sure she gets into her usual mood again. Voila! She has like all things she likes, for eg: my iPhone cover which she loves to eat. This is how she learns that in future whenever she is pissed with her guy/parents, just give the silent treatment and the world will be hers.

5. Television soaps are best enjoyed if you dont understand them. The whole family while watching a daily soap will be in a tensed state thinking about whom will Anandi marry, but my Niece is sitting around in front of the tv happily enjoying and dancing on the background music of the show. That is the true purpose of watching tv after all, no? Enjoyment. So while bhabhi is going back to sleep still with the question about Anandi, my Niece is all set to sleep peacefully with no worry in mind.

Thats all for now, Laters!